Roughin’ it…

It’s been a hard couple of days. I miss him. I miss the life we had together. Why is he there and I’m here? I just don’t understand anymore 😦 I’m roughin’ but I will be strong and reach my goals.


A whole new groove.

I was not cast for BL…there loss….and I have moved back to Florida and I have my old manager job back.

I’ve been getting used to being home and my bf back at Michigan Tech, it’s been a bit of an emotional fuck-show

but I’m starting to pull myself together. I’ve been low-carbin’ it, and feeling good. I also started going to the gym everyday last week except for

Sunday’s. I’m feeling motivated again which, in all honesty, I haven’t felt this motivated since the last time when I lost 50lbs. (Which is the most I’ve EVER lost)

I’m enjoying my apt but I must say I’m a bit lonely and haven’t quite found my niche’. I’m getting there though.

oh and I chopped 10 inches of my hair off. Cheers!



Chicago in 16 days.


What have I gotten myself into?

I’m not quite sure but since I discovered that there will be open casting calls I have decided on the 23rd of June I’m making the 10 hr drive to Chicago to audition for The Biggest Loser season 14. 

Is it my destiny? Perhaps 🙂


Blblblblbl that’s all folks!

So I sit here now, in a lot of pain and bit helpless. It’s quite pathetic considering the strong minded ego withinthis weakened body. I have been in pain for 2 weeks now and was finally diagnosed with Shingles. A rare case they say since I’m only 22.

Regardless of these unfortunate circumstances I also have good news. Not only am I 16lbs down from when I started this blog (326-310) but I have been running a lot prior to falling ill. I ran my first mile without stopping in 10 minutes then the next day I ran the mile in 9:43. Needless to say I’m doing exactly what I had set out to do and that is becoming athlete and not blaming my belly.

This shit on my body hurts but…just keep swimming…


Road Trip.

Got Bored.Filled tank. Drove.

This is what I found…



Niagra Falls,NY


Pain is weakness leaving the body….so they say. I must be one strong mother trucker after today!

we hiked and got lost/adventurous for over 2hrs. We climb a hill (off trail) that was so steep I was practically on my elbows to

crawl up it. Scary stuff. I feel so strong and my BF is so impressed by me. He’s seriously the greatest.

We found a hill peak that had the best view once we reached the top.

Nature is incredibly, and I can’t believe I’m a hiker.




The sun was playing peek-a-boo in downtown rochester today. lame.

on the drive home it was out so I took full advantage and hit the hills!

Long hike in my sweater and hot pink sweat pants and hindi hip hop blaring in my ears.

Good day.


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